As you may already know, Potion Explosion was sold out after its successful launch during the SPIEL fair in Essen, last October. We’re now very pleased to announce that the first reprint of Potion Explosion is finally approaching its release! The first few copies will be available in English, German and Italian just in time for the holidays. More copies (and languages) will come early next year. Stay tuned!
While setting up the full-scale production process, we took some time to also address some production issues we unexpectedly faced with the first print run, especially with the marble dispenser design. A lot of tweaks and fixes were implemented, and the result is a sturdier, easier to assemble and generally hassle-free working dispenser! Hurray!
All these changes are very cool, but what about the players who already bought the game in Essen? Have they been left behind? Well, no, of course! As we already announced, we will be sending a complete copy of the new dispenser, free of charge, to all of the early adopters of Potion Explosion. Take this as a big, heartfelt, all-caps THANK YOU for being so enthusiast and supportive about the game, despite the aforementioned production issues the first print run had.
So, if you are one of the lucky few possessors of Potion Explosion, write us an email at the address We will need you to also write us your address and phone number (the mail carrier will need this to contact you in case of issues with the delivery); please remember to attach a photo of the “Whoopsie!!!” token you received along with your copy of the game at the fair!
Potion Explosion is a strategy-puzzle game by Horrible Games, developed by Lorenzo Silva, Andrea Crespi and Stefano Castelli and illustrated by Giulia Ghigini.