In space, no one can hear you reprint board games.

ALONE™ returns on Kickstarter!

After Alone™ received a very warm reception from Kickstarter backers and SPIEL attendees alike, there’s one question we’ve been asked more than any other: when will Alone™ be available again? We’re excited to announce that the answer is… soon! Check out the teaser video below!

ALONE™ will be back on Kickstarter on February 14, 2019!

People who missed the first Kickstarter campaign will now be able to get Alone™, but we have more juicy news! We will also have new stretch goals, including miniatures and missions, and new optional add-on purchases, but that’s not all! We’re now finally allowed to distribute language add-on packs! Italian, German, Spanish and French will be available along with the original English core box.

If you backed our previous campaign, however, don’t worry! This game wouldn’t exist without you, and we don’t want to leave you behind! You will be able to pledge at an “upgrade” level, that will allow you to obtain all the new stretch goals that will be unlocked, and a language pack upgrade kit if you so desire, at a very convenient price. You will also be able to separately purchase any add-on items, of course. More details will be disclosed closer to the start of the new campaign, so stay tuned!

We hope you’ll join us in this new adventure, and be prepared!

Something HORRIBLE is coming, and we hope you’ll like it!

the Horrible Team