Can we be more generous than Santa? We can for sure try!

Holiday Giveaway Tentathon!

Are your ready for the holiday season? For us at Horrible Games, the best thing of this period of the year is not receiving gifts, but making them! That’s why for the next 24 days the “HG” in our logo will stand for “Holiday Giveaways“!

Starting from tomorrow 1 December until 24 December, we’ll host a different mystery giveaway each day on our facebook page… that’s 24 giveaways, folks! Don’t you know tentacles are good at giving too, not only grabbing, enveloping and being all squishy?

To join this giveaway marathon, you’ll just have to follow these simple rules:
  1. Follow us on Facebook!
  2. Like this post (it will stay pinned to top until the 24th)!
  3. Share it with your friends!
There will be a different secret prize each day – you’ll only know what the prize was when the winner will be announced! Winners will be randomly drawn each day at 12:00 (GMT +1), and announced in a new post on our page.

The prizes will include promos, t-shirts… and games, of course! Anything from our catalog (unless it is out of stock) is eligible! Expect the unexpected!

We hope you’ll join us in this giveaway marathon, and be prepared!

Something HORRIBLE is coming, and we hope you’ll like it!

the Horrible Team