Horrible Guild is an Italian board game publisher. Known as Horrible Games until late 2019, the company has been founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Silva. Our goal is to design, develop and produce cool and innovative games capable of bringing fun to everyone: we try to make our games stand out from the crowd, both for visual style and gameplay mechanics.

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Lorenzo Silva

CEO, Game Designer, Art Director

Author of Horse Fever (2009), Dungeon Fighter (2011), Potion Explosion (2015), Railroad Ink (2018), The King’s Dilemma (2019), and loads of other stuff. Founder & CEO of Horrible Guild. Punk lover. Pathologically impatient.

Hjalmar Hach

Game Designer, R&D

Musician, composer and game designer. He discovered board games in 2015: it was love at first sight. His most beloved offsprings are: Photosynthesis (2016), Railroad Ink (2018), The King’s Dilemma (2019) and Similo: The Card Game (2019). Claims to have lived more than 100 different lives.

Alessandro Pra’

Project Manager

Can’t stay away from the sea for too long. Sax and EWI player. Amateur photographer. Free software enthusiast. Nintendo Addict.

Pietro Righi Riva

Digital Game Designer & Project Manager

Pietro Righi Riva is an Italian game designer, artist, and academic. At Horrible Games, Pietro oversees production of the digital games.

Laura Severino

Administrative Manager

She is an old soul and a bookworm. She loves everything retro-styled, cute things, purple and punching out components from new games.

Flavio Mortarino

Production Manager, Game Developer

He loves whisky, liquorice and games in all their forms. He gets in touch with the chemist in him by homebrewing beers.

Renato “Renè” Sasdelli

Project Manager

Hates air conditioner and cold. Among other things, loves the sun, open airs, samba, caipirinha, football (soccer) and, of course, boardgames.

Noa Vassalli

Graphic Designer

A simple guy. He loves red, winning and Diplomacy. Infamous turncoat: do not ally with him in any game, he will betray you.

ABOUT HG - Camilla

Camilla Muschio

Sales Manager

She can eat everything and sleep anywhere, Never question her will to ask… if anything, she asks too many questions. Curious, cat lover. She loves cinema and playing for fun.


Federico “Toy” D.

Logistic Specialist

Assembled in 1984. Hutt and Ghostbuster, gelatinous cube lover. Protonic batteries included (expected lifespan: more than 5000 years). Keep away from microphones. Worst toy ever!


Matteo “MaC” Carioni

Communication Specialist

A heart of screaming black metal lined with fine Victorian fabrics. Always willing to play, especially if miniatures are involved. World-class tableflip athlete.

ABOUT HG - Federico

Federico Corbetta Caci

Head of Entertainment

The only things he loves more than his horses are red wine and sludge metal. By contract, he has to yell “character arc!” at least twice a day. Thinks life is a roguelike, but no one really cares.