Coming to Kickstarter on May 2nd. Save the date!

Alone™ is an asymmetric dungeon crawler by Andrea Crespi and Lorenzo Silva, two of the authors of the award-winning Potion Explosion™. In Alone™, a single player will control a castaway Hero, exploring an unknown map full of dangers and traps and trying to complete missions, while up to 3 Evil masterminds will plot against him in the darkness, trying to kill him.

We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Alone on May 2nd, 2017!

Depending on which side you choose, Hero or Evil, Alone™ will offer you two completely different experiences. The Hero‘s challenge is to survive and complete his mission. His vision of the map is limited: he can only see as far as his flashlight allows him. His life always threatened, he’ll have to be careful at every step.

The map will be gradually revealed to the Hero as he explores the environment, and the actions of the Evil players will give him clues he can use to deduce where the traps laid for him have been placed. His wits will be constantly tested by the mischievous plots of the Evil players, and since all but the nearest map tiles are removed from the table at the end of each round, his memory will be, too.

On the other side of the fence, hidden behind their screen, the Evil players are playing a completely different game. The whole map is always available to them, at all times. By playing cards both from their common and personal decks, they can spawn and move hideous creatures, place insidious traps, and manipulate parts of the map, all to make the Hero’s life as difficult as possible.

The Evil players have to cooperate to successfully hamper the Hero’s efforts. But the Hero is just at the other side of the table! Each clue he can gather from the communications between the Evil players may be a life saver, so the Evil players will have to strike the right balance between the needs for secrecy and effective communication.

As you may have heard, we previously announced March 15th as the starting date of our Kickstarter campaign. However, after speaking with our partners, our testers and our fans, we decided to take a bit more time and add some extra content to the game. We will take this time to add more stretch goals and more Kickstarter exclusive content. This will result in a bigger and better game, and will allow us to reach a bigger audience on the Kickstarter platform.

Save the new date! Alone will land on Kickstarter on May 2nd!