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Dragon Castle is now available on PC, tablet, and mobile!


We're delighted to announce that Dragon Castle™: The Board Game, the digital adaptation of our mahjong inspired tabletop game, is now available for PCs, tablets, and mobile! The app is a faithful recreation of the tabletop experience of Dragon Castle, optimized and adapted for your [...]

Join our Holiday Giveaways!


Here at the Guild, we take the holiday season pretty seriously... did you know we have not one, not, two, not three... but four giveaway contests currently ongoing? Well, now you do! 🙃 Take a look at the list below! GIVEAWAY #1: We just launched a new Potion Explosion giveaway. Click this link to join [...]

Dragon Castle goes digital on December 12!


We're delighted to announce that the official release date for Dragon Castle™: The Board Game, the digital adaptation of our tabletop game, is coming on Thursday, December 12! Originally developed by the terrific trio Lorenzo Silva / Hjalmar Hach / Luca Ricci and illustrated by Cinyee Chiu, the game has been converted to the digital [...]

Our new name: HORRIBLE GUILD!


We’ve grown a great deal since Lorenzo Silva established the company in 2014. Over the years, from a team of just two people (including Lorenzo) we expanded to a big family of seven, we moved to a bigger office, and we increased the amount of games we release each year. Now we have a big [...]

Luma Games to distribute our games in North America


We are pleased to announce that we and Luma Games have reached an agreement for Luma to serve as the exclusive English-language distributor of our products in the U.S. and Canada. Under the new agreement, Luma will distribute all our upcoming games, including Similo and The King’s Dilemma, and take over distribution of backlist games [...]

[GIVEAWAY] Look! I just found a Dragon Castle!


Believe it or not, even in this crazy modern world of ours, magic is everywhere! And dragons too... they're just a bit difficult to find. But with your help, we can fix this unfortunate situation! Would you like the chance to win a free copy of Dragon Castle, the mahjong-inspired game we will be [...]

We’re ​partnering ​with ​Dized ​to ​bring ​you ​new ​tools ​for Potion ​Explosion!


Tired of reading rulebooks to learn how to play games? We have good news for you! We ​are ​partnering ​with ​Dized, ​and ​Potion ​Explosion ​is ​one ​of ​their ​first featured ​titles alongside many other big titles of the industry! A companion app to rule them all. Dized ​is ​a ​companion ​app ​for ​tabletop ​games ​that [...]

Welcome to the Dragon Castle!


The Dragon Castle—the most ancient and important center of power in the Realm—is in decline. Its power and influence have been fading for decades, but now that it has lost the favor of the mighty Eldest Dragon, the people are abandoning the city in search of a new home where they can live a long [...]

Discovering Alone – Designer Diary


Welcome back to Discovering Alone™. In our previous entries, we introduced the game and we described the gameplay mechanics for both the Hero and the Evil players, and we gave you a taste of the game’s background story. We also took a scientific diversion to analyze the biology and ethology of the alien creatures. Last [...]

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