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HeidelBÄR Games to distribute our games in Germany


Time for another exciting announcement! HeidelBÄR Games takes over localization, marketing and press support of our new releases for Germany. This new close partnership is the result of many years of friendship and good experience from previous collaborations. The high-quality artwork, unusual game material and quirky ideas we always try to feature in our products [...]

Alone is coming back on Kickstarter!


    In space, no one can hear you reprint board games. ALONE™ returns on Kickstarter! After Alone™ received a very warm reception from Kickstarter backers and SPIEL attendees alike, there's one question we've been asked more than any other: when will Alone™ be available again? We're excited to announce that the answer is... soon! [...]

Holiday Giveaway Tentathon!


    Can we be more generous than Santa? We can for sure try! Holiday Giveaway Tentathon! Are your ready for the holiday season? For us at Horrible Games, the best thing of this period of the year is not receiving gifts, but making them! That's why for the next 24 days the "HG" in [...]

Railroad Ink™ at SPIEL 18


    WOW! A new Horrible game! In two different versions! Railroad Ink™ at SPIEL 18 You had the first taste at GenCon, now it's time for the real deal! After the succesfull preview launch in Indianapolis, our newest Horrible game, Railroad Ink™, will be released next October during the SPIEL fair in Essen, Germany. [...]