Dragon Castle™: The Board Game
Dragon Castle™: The Board Game icon

L. Silva, H. Hach, L. Ricci

Cinyee Chiu

A game freely inspired by Mahjong Solitaire. Take tiles from the central castle, create sets of the same color and build shrines to score points. Play with the game-changing Spirit and Dragon cards for a tougher challenge!

Asynchronous Multiplayer, Hotseat, Network Multiplayer, Single-Player

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A faithful recreation of the tabletop experience of Dragon Castle™, optimized and adapted for your screens.

  • Singleplayer, to play solo against AIs of different difficulty.
  • Pass-and-play, to play locally against your friends.
  • Async cross-platform online, to challenge players no matter what platform they’re on.
Dragon Castle: The Boardgame - Available on every device!

The official adaptation of Dragon Castle™, the critically acclaimed puzzle board game freely inspired by the Mahjong Solitaire. Play Solo or against players from all over the world with Online and Local Pass & Play modes!

In Dragon Castle™: The Board Game, you will pick tiles from the central castle to create sets of tiles of the same kind in your own realm and score points. You will also build Shrines, trigger powerful Spirit abilities, and appease the tastes of the Dragons to score bonus points! May the best builder win!

  • Asynchronous Crossplay Online Multiplayer Mode with a worldwide leaderboard
  • The mystical universe of the board game, fleshed out and digitally enhanced
  • A tactical gameplay with variable boards, objectives, and powers, allowing for countless different playstyles and strategies!
  • Solo mode against up to 3 Computer Opponents