Believe it or not, even in this crazy modern world of ours, magic is everywhere! And dragons too… they’re just a bit difficult to find. But with your help, we can fix this unfortunate situation!

Would you like the chance to win a free copy of Dragon Castle, the mahjong-inspired game we will be releasing during the next SPIEL fair in Essen? Welcome to the Dragon Castle Giveaway contest! Participating is simple: you just need to take a picture containing a Dragon and a Castle. These are the only requisites, we want you to unleash your creativity and create the perfect shot of your dreams! We realize dragons are not the kind of animal you may have as a pet, so feel free to print and cut the the lovely picture of our own Elder Dragon that you can find here below.

You could use the dragon above and use it to take a selfie, with your favourite castle on the background; or you could take your cute dragon plush and put it inside that old Lego castle you used to play with during your childhood. If you are a follower of the dark arts of photo editing, you may even craft your image with those crazy computer skills you’ve been practicing for years, unknowingly preparing for this very moment. In other words, just be creative!

When you’re ready to submit your picture, you just have to post it on any one of our social media profiles, using the hashtag #DragonCastle. Make also sure to @tag us!

Click on the images below to reach our profiles on your favorite social media!

Here’s a few examples:

You have time until October 15th to submit your photo and participate to the contest. A jury composed of the world’s leading dragon experts (this is us, of course!) will take a few days to throughly analyze all the posted photos, then it will indisputably choose the best one. The author of the winning photo will receive a prestigious prize: a free copy of Dragon Castle! The winner will have the chance to receive the prize during the SPIEL fair in Essen, Germany, or during the Lucca Comics and Games fair in Lucca, Italy (if they won’t attend either fair, we’ll ship the game directly to their house, free of charge).

We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! Have fun, and good luck!

the Horrible team