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In the Castle of Frightening Frosts, our heroes slide into the frozen halls of an icy fortress, at constant risk of slipping to their untimely demise in a frosty hell! Featuring super-sliding d4 dice and a square-themed target board for a chilling Dungeon Fighter adventure!

Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
  • 1 Target Board
  • 12 four-sided Dice
  • 3 six-sided Water Elemental Dice
  • 1 six-sided Snow Die
  • 6 Hero Sheets
  • 27 Monster Cards
  • 4 Boss Cards
  • 26 Dungeon Cards
  • 30 Equipment Cards
  • 18 Scar Tokens
  • 1 Life Tracker
  • 8 Life Counters
  • 30 Coins
  • 1 Weak Point Template
  • 1 Frozen Template
  • 1 Crushing Throw gadget
  • 1 Pond gadget
  • 1 Waterfall gadget
  • 4 Stalagmites gadgets
  • 1 Ice Pad
Dungeon Fighter - The Castle of Frightening Frosts
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Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview

To face the dangers of the Castle of Frozen Frosts, you can choose between
6 different Heroes! Here’s a quick introduction to their abilities.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Aristide

His voice will warm your hearts, and he is… hmmm, so HOT! Let’s hope Aristide can melt down the frozen walls of this Castle just as easily! Or, at least, he can make your enemies lose all of their special abilities with his song-spells, officialy approved by the Bard Guild of the realm.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Goldfinga

Forget big heists. We can all agree that it is consistence that makes a true professional, tight? Steal a chicken today, a dagger tomorrow, a wheelchair now and then… and you’ll still become rich, eventually. Goldfinga is always alert to “find” useful items for the party!

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Jack Boatless

The latest walk on the plankthat Jack was forced to take wasn’t that bad after all! He fell on a small iceberg and was dragged by the currents up to the north, to this frozen Castle… now, his major amusement is watching the feathery fights between his faithful Parrot and the ferocious Penguins that are guarding this place.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Lebron Bearskin

Lost in the forest when he was just a kid, Lebron was raised by a family of Hawks. All those failed flying attempts strenghtened his bones indeed… a feature that surely helped him defeating the Bear King and take its skin! This is the tale he tells, at least. We’ve been told it’s just cheap faux fur.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Margarhilda

Scared of fighting? Worry not! The trustworthy Margarhilda always has your back covered. It’s really incredible how relaxing and natural fighting enemies feels, when she’s around… well, it’s probably thanks to all of the fantastic beverages she always brings along with her!

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Marla Morningstar
Marla wanted to be a classical dancer, but unfortunately she lacks those 3-4 spans in height to be a real étoile. So she dedicated herself to her second passion: stabbing stuff with pointy things! Her dancing background allows her to gracefully defeat enemies while twirling on her tips!
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Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview

The Castle of Frozen Frosts, contains several unique
throwing gadgets and templates!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Water Elemental Dice

Nothing changes its shape more easily than water… that’s why the brand new Water Elemental Dice now show icons and have simpler rules for attack and damage!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Snow Die

Introducing the Snow Die, a special die made with super-light foam material for super quirky throws! Take your time, the best part is that it doesn’t melt in your hand like a regular snowball…

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Waterfall

The classic Waterfall is now frozen, but it still requires your cold blood to master its balance and make a perfect throw!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Pond

We hope you’ve trained your pebble-bouncing-on-water launching skills, because that’s all the Pond is about! Remember: hit the center first you hit the target!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Crushing Throw

Forget the funny jokes and the small talk about weather: it’s time to hit hard like a true warrior! Break the Crushing Throw gadget with your dice, before you hit your true target… the target board.

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Frozen Template

When the Mammoths were frozen, they got out of the evolution game. Learn from history and avoid the Frozen template, or you’ll have to Level Down one of yur abilities!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Weak Point

Carefully observe your enemies and strike them hard on their Weak Point to watch them shatter after one single blow, just like smashed ice (or your self-esteem after failing an easy throw)!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Ice Pad

So you’re going to use the Ice Pad? That hard, irregular surface where you need to make your dice bounce instead of the table? Be prepared for some really weird behavior, then!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Stalagmites

The 4 Stalagmites must be placed inside the holes of the target board at the beginning of the fight. On one side, you won’t risk to land your dice in the holes for this fight, but on the other hand, you’ll have to deal with these 3D obstacles who may prevent you from reaching the inner parts of the target. A new kind of challenge!

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Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter - Enemies in the Castle of Frozen Frosts

Don’t get fooled by this beautiful castle where ice sculptures don’t melt, armed soldiers are everywhere, and penguins seems to be wearing tuxedos: this is NOT a fancy party. The snacks are cold! And we guess that all those mind-bending outerworldy creatures aren’t great guests either… speaking about creatures form another dimension, we do suggest you to keep your cool when facing the Great Cthulhu! You’ll need all your self control to throw the die with your “weak hand” and get past the hard pad surface to defeat the Great Old One…

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Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview

These are some of the unique Throwing Challenges included in this box:

Dungeon Fighter - Head Throw

Head Throw: Keep the die on your forehead with a finger, take a deep breath, analyze the enemy, and then release your fury!

Dungeon Fighter - Card Flick Throw

Card Flick Throw: Fancy some card acrobatics? A swift tap below a card is all you need to flick the die towards the target… and glory.

Dungeon Fighter - Backwards Throw

Backwards Throw: Don’t let that weird Dummy Guy fool you: this throw is much easier than it seems. You just need to turn your back at the target before you throw!

Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter - Other cards in the Castle of Frozen Frosts

The Castle of Frozen Frosts also includes its own set of ice-themed Dungeon cards, and a complete set of Item cards, with effects ranging from card-hopping challenges to avengeful counter-attacks, and more!

Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter in the Labyrinth of Sinister Storms
Dungeon Fighter - The Labyrinth of Sinister Storms
Dungeon Fighter in the Chambers of Malevolent Magma
Dungeon Fighter - The Chambers of Malevolent Magma
Dungeon Fighter in the Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts
Dungeon Fighter - The Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts