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Follow our heroes as they explore the Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts, trying to avoid meeting a grim fate at the ectoplasmic hands of the undead! Featuring fast-rolling d12 dice and a slice-based target board for a spooky Dungeon Fighter challenge!

Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter - The Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts
  • 1 Target Board
  • 12 twelve-sided Dice
  • 1 Skull Coin (d2 Die)
  • 1 Pendulum Die
  • 6 Hero Sheets
  • 27 Monster Cards
  • 4 Boss Cards
  • 23 Dungeon Cards
  • 31 Equipment Cards
  • 18 Scar Tokens
  • 1 Life Tracker
  • 8 Life Counters
  • 30 Coins
  • 1 Last Strike Template
  • 1 Philosopher’s Stone Template
  • 1 Compass Template
  • 4 Spider Webs tokens
  • 1 Flying Stand gadget
  • 1 pair of Bone Chopsticks
  • 1 Prismatic Lens gadget
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Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview

To face the dangers of the Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts, you can choose between
6 different Heroes! Here’s a quick introduction to their abilities.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Lady Mary

Lady Mary spent a lot of golden years in front of a mirror, aiming for the most beautiful axe swing as well as the most elegant posture. Few fighters can rival her prowess with sharp weapons, and even less can match her monster-charming skills.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Saul Raysar

Speaking with the dead may get you a leverage during negotiations, but sharing what you have with your friends is even better. Saul is more than willing to let other party members level up their abilities instead of his own… or even share his own life points!

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Lianna Lightbringer

Loyalty and respect should not be forgotten. It’s respectful to not waste an enemy’s shining armor after you defeat them… so take it. And always be loyal to your fans! Make them happy with Lianna’s merciless advantage against skill-free Monsters.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Sir Moo

Your party might be delving into the underground, and those catacombs might be sealed and dark, but Sir Moo’s prayers can be heard even in the darkness! When another party hero is in need, Sir Moo will always be there.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Grace Cleancut

Killing is a honored tradition for Grace. A true hero doesn’t let enemies bleed to death: they sharpen their sword for an outstanding (and merciful) last strike! And collect even more rewards from it, of course.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Tucker Blackfoot

Every cool party needs someone to hit the floor. Of course Tucker can move his hips, but we’re not talking about dance here, we’re talking about literally moving the floor (i.e. te target) and getting your hit values even higher!

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Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview

The Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts contains several unique
throwing gadgets and templates!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Skull Coin

Usually, Heroes don’t throw money away… except if we’re talking about the feared Coin of the Dead! Get rid of that as soon as you can, throwing it to the target in place of a die.

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Pendulum Die

As you may have guessed, your’re not going to roll the special Pendulum Die… you’re going to swing it to the target! Good luck with that.

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Last Strike Template

All seasoned Heroes keep a small dagger tied to their ankles:  it is always useful for an unexpected sinister strike, as well as to collect that shiny Last Strike reward!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Philosopher's Stone Template

How can a Catacomb be called that way, if we can’t find some good old relics in it? The Philosopher’s Stone is back, to help our heroes gain even more money and power!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Compass Template

If you’re lucky enough to find this old Compass, you’ll be able to draw more Dungeon cards for the next round. With more possible directions, you’ll be able to make a better decision about you next destination!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Spider Web

After thousand of years without proper cleaning in the Catacombs, it’s not surprising that these thick Spider Webs are strong enough to entangle even the fiercest monsters! Let their sloppiness be their own undoing!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Flying Stand

Levitating objects are a classic trick up the sleeves of any ghost… but have you ever seen a levitating target? Well, that’s exactly what this brand new Flying Stand is here for!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Bone Chopsticks

Using the Bone Chopsticks is pretty straightforward: basically, you need to pick the die you want to throw with them and… well, simply throw it!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Prismatic Lens

Ok, now: you’ll have to close one eye and look into the Prismatic Lens gadget with the other while you throw. It’s hard? Well, ghosts are not easy to see, you know…

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Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter - Enemies in the Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts

If Lady Mary had brought Madame Olivia with her (that’s her pincher, in case you don’t know), maybe we would have had some help to deal with all these skeleton bones! Or maybe it would have been busy barking at invisible spirits all the time. Who knows? Our Heroes will have to take care of each other to avoid joining the army of the dead! Will they be brave enough to reach the Final Destination? Yes, that’s where we are all heading to, eventually, but there’s no need to rush. Chill out! When facing Death itself, no mistakes are allowed… especially because when you miss against this boss you’re going to take enough damage to turn you into a pile of bones!

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Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview

These are some of the unique Throwing Challenges included in this box:

Dungeon Fighter - Under the table Throw

Under the Table Throw: Put your hand below the surface level of the table and strike! A much trickier throw than it may seem at first glance.

Dungeon Fighter - Praying Throw

Praying Throw: Put the die in your hands and throw it at the target with all of your spiritual fervor! Will the gods of Dungeon Fighter show you their favor?

Dungeon Fighter - Nose Throw

Nose Throw: Keep the die between your nose and your finger, then let it fall… you’ll need all of your dexterity keep your control and hit!

Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter - Other cards in the Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts

The Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts also includes its own set of spooky-themed Dungeon cards, and a complete set of Item cards, with effects ranging from tricky throwing gadgets, to supernatural rerolling abilities, and more!

Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter in the Chambers of Malevolent Magma
Dungeon Fighter - The Chambers of Malevolent Magma
Dungeon Fighter in the Labyrinth of Sinister Storms
Dungeon Fighter - The Labyrinth of Sinister Storms
Dungeon Fighter in the Castle of Frightening Frosts
Dungeon Fighter - The Castle of Frightening Frosts