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Venturing into the Chambers of Malevolent Magma, the blazing depths of an underground volcano, our Heroes have to keep their cool among the flames. Featuring quirky-bouncing d8 dice and an all-new target board for an unprecedented Dungeon Fighter experience!

Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
  • 1 Target Board
  • 12 eight-sided Dice
  • 1 twenty-sided Die
  • 1 six-sided Metal Die
  • 6 Hero Sheets
  • 27 Monster Cards
  • 3 Boss Cards
  • 27 Dungeon Cards
  • 29 Equipment Cards
  • 18 Scar Tokens
  • 1 Life Tracker
  • 8 Life Counters
  • 30 Coins
  • 1 Shield Template
  • 1 Fireball Template
  • 1 Explosion Template
  • 1 Firewall gadget
  • 1 Ring of Fire gadget
  • 1 Volcano gadget
  • 1 Lava Pad
Dungeon Fighter - The Chambers of Malevolent Magma
Dungeon Fighter divider
Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview

To face the dangers of the Chambers of Malevolent Magma, you can choose between
6 different Heroes! Here’s a quick introduction to their abilities.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Torm
Sharp and defined muscles may be Torm’s mot prominent features, but he has other ways to drag attentions? Like using 3 weapons at the same time, for example! But Torm’s lack of clothes could cost you some life points when making double attacks.
Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Lia Demonsbane
Lia Demonsbane is a bottomless source of knowledge. All those books she carries around must have a lot of useful content… Lia can double the usage of her potions! And if the party is short on gold, maybe some good old alchemy will do the trick.
Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Melissa Firedaughter
The fire sorceress is in the house dungeon! In the Chambers of Malevolent Magma, we better fight fire with fire. Melissa can incinerate monsters with ease, but the favor of the fire god comes with a cost… will the party leader be stupid brave enough to be the sacrifice?
Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Brockenstock
Would you think it’s wise to carry beer cags into an absurdly warm place? Brokenstock, for one, doesn’t mind drinking a warm beer, and you shouldn’t either, since this can save your life. Of course beer is only plan B, since Brokenstock’s plan A is first and foremost a good shield.
Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Edith Grognard

The sweet sound of her flute will help other Heroes to focus on their ability… well, they might burst in tears (and no one can blame them, because that music is really beautiful!) but in the end this won’t affect their fighting skills! And if this is not enough, Edith can always rely on the brute force, always at her disposal.

Dungeon Fighter Heroes - Brad Breckfust

The flames of the Chambers is all Brad ever wanted and needed! Now he can cook his sausages whenever he wants, even in the middle of a combat. And you can bet he’ll find every shortcut in the Dungeon, if this means get one step closer to his next meal…

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Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview

The Labyrinth of Sinister Storms, contains several unique
throwing gadgets and templates!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - d20 Die

Can you stop a rolling stone? This d20 Die will demand the best of your dexterity to hit the target, or it will end on the floor for sure!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Metal Die

Are you strong enough to throw the heavier Metal Die? Use all your muscle, or its run will end sooner than you expect!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Shield Template

Did you know that Monsters can use shields too? Hit the Shield template to get rid of their defenses, or the fight might last waaay longer then desired…

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Fireball Template

Aim at the Fireball template and hit its high-damage zones to deal blazing damage even to the fiercest monsters!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Explosion Template

You can’t hide from an explosion… you can only run! If you die lands on the Explosion template, all the party will suffer damage.

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Ring of Fire

They always say that you shouldn’t play with fire, but we beg to disagree! It’s perfectly fine if you do it with style… make your die fly through the great Ring of Fire and scorch your opponents!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Firewall

Playing with fire does come at a cost, sometimes. Make your dice bounce over the Firewall before entering on the target to overcome the monster’s fiery defenses! If you touch it, you may still hit, but you will also suffer some (burning) damage!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Volcano

Place the Volcano gadget at the center of the target: it will cover some of the most valuable hit areas, but it will also reward you with an insta-kill if you manage to get your die land exactly inside it!

Dungeon Fighter Gadgets - Lava Pad

Watch out the Lava Pad! You need to make your dice bounce on its soft neoprene surface  instead of the table, changing the way dice behave after you throw them.

Dungeon Fighter divider
Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter - Enemies in the Chambers of Malevolent Magma

Goblins, orcs, flaming horses, and rock monsters hide in these Chambers in outrageous numbers… and of course, Dragons too! You better like the heat and get ready to sweat, or you won’t get far down there, especially if you meet one of the Bosses… like the fearful 10 GOBLINS & 1 SWORD! It’s not the single sword that should frighten you… but rather trying to hit all those goblins that keep moving! It’s harder than it seems, especially when all target hits deal just 1 damage, regardless of where your die lands!

Dungeon Fighter divider
Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview

These are some of the unique Throwing Challenges included in this box:

Dungeon Fighter - Volleyball Throw

Volleyball Throw: Keep your die in one hand and hit it with your other hand, volleyball style! Keep your strength under controll if you want to hit the target!

Dungeon Fighter - Sitting Throw

Sitting Throw: Throwing dice while sitting on the floor seems easy, right? Well, it kinda is. Or maybe not. It all depends on how tall the table is… or you are.

Dungeon Fighter - Blowing Throw

Blowing Throw: We sure hope you have powerful lungs… take a note from the Big Bad Wolf’s book and puff your die towards the target with a mighty blow!

Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter - Other cards in the he Chambers of Malevolent Magma

The Chambers of Malevolent Magma box also includes its own set of fire-themed Dungeon cards, and a complete set of Item cards, with effects ranging from acrobatic throwing challenges to mass damage spells, and more!

Dungeon Fighter - Brief Overview
Dungeon Fighter in the Labyrinth of Sinister Storms
Dungeon Fighter - The Labyrinth of Sinister Storms
Dungeon Fighter in the Castle of Frightening Frosts
Dungeon Fighter - The Castle of Frightening Frosts
Dungeon Fighter in the Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts
Dungeon Fighter - The Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts