Dungeon Fighter
Dungeon Fighter - The Labyrinth of Sinister Storms

  L. Silva, L. Tucci Sorrentino, A. Buonfino

  Giulia Ghigini

Dungeon Fighter is back! 10 years after its original release it has been improved with new heroes, new dice, new boards, and much more! Explore the Dungeon, face ferocious monsters, and fight your way to the final Boss using your dexterity and weird dice throws!



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Dungeon Fighter - Kickstarter standalone boxes

Dungeon Fighter is by far the best party-dexterity-adventure-humor-board game for 1 to 6 heroes (ok, it’s probably the only game in this made-up category).

Be a Professional Hero! Explore the Dungeon, face weird and ferocious Monsters, and fight your way to the final Boss! To defeat those fiends, you will need to use all of your focus and dexterity and throw the dice at the right spots of the main target-board. But that’s not all! You’ll also have to deal with weapons, monster abilities and room obstacles increasing the difficulty of your task—but also your rewards!

Some stuff has surely changed, but the essence is still the same: good old Dungeon Fighter gameplay mixed with new boards, dice, weapons, monsters, and crazy dice throws. Money-back guarantee!
Some of the highlights includes:

  • Level up your Hero during the game to increase the odds of activating your special powers with a dice throw!
  • New dice with 3 different power symbols: when you level up your hero, you can benefit from the extra icons to activate your special powers more often!
  • New Dungeon mechanism: say goodbye to pre-fixed maps! You will look at two Dungeon cards each round and choose one to determine your next destination!
  • Risk-it-all last strike rewards: meet certain criteria to obtain extra rewards at the end of the fight!

Are you up to the challenge? Are you a Real Hero? It’s time to prove it! Get a good night of sleep, do your stretches, delve into that Dungeon, and get the job done!


Dungeon Fighter comes in four standalone versions, each with a unique Dungeon!
Each version has a different target-board with its own gameplay elements, and of course, different dice, heroes, weapons, monsters, bosses, and rooms.
Each version is like a completely different game!

Dungeon Fighter in the Labyrinth of Sinister Storms

In the Labyrinth of Sinister Storms our party of whimsical heroes is stuck in a dangerous jungle, trying to survive the nature-related shenaningans of this labyrinth! Featuring classic d6 dice and a familiar target board, this is the perfect start for Dungeon Fighter rookies!

Dungeon Fighter - The Labyrinth of Sinister Storms
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Dungeon Fighter in the Chambers of Malevolent Magma

In the Chambers of Malevolent Magma our heroes venture into the depths of an underground volcano, where they’ll have to keep their cool among the flames. Featuring quirky-bouncing d8 dice and an all-new target board for an unprecedented Dungeon Fighter experience!

Dungeon Fighter - The Chambers of Malevolent Magma
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Dungeon Fighter in the Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts

Follow our heroes in the Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts as they explore a haunted necropolis, trying to avoid meeting a grim fate at the hands of the undead! Featuring fast-rolling d12 dice and a slice-based target board for a spooky Dungeon Fighter challenge!

Dungeon Fighter - The Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts
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Dungeon Fighter in the Castle of Frightening Frosts

The heroes slide into the frozen halls of the Castle of Frightening Frosts, an icy fortress where they are at constant risk of slipping into a frosty hell! Featuring super-sliding d4 dice and a square-themed target board for a chilling Dungeon Fighter adventure!

Dungeon Fighter - The Castle of Frightening Frosts
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