We’ve grown a great deal since Lorenzo Silva established the company in 2014. Over the years, from a team of just two people (including Lorenzo) we expanded to a big family of seven, we moved to a bigger office, and we increased the amount of games we release each year. Now we have a big catalog with several worldwide hits, and a lot of new projects in our pipeline.

We decided we needed a new name, one that could be faithful to our story while also better describing who we are today, compared to who we were when we started, back in 2014, and with a new name, a new logo is also needed. Without further ado, please allow us to introduce you to our new selves… we were known as “Horrible Games”, but now we are the Horrible Guild! We think that the word “guild” better describes us as we are now, a bigger group of people sharing the same goal: designing, developing and producing cool and innovative games capable of bringing fun to everyone.


The additional benefit of the change is that, finally, you won’t have to tell your friends that we don’t actually make “horrible games” when you introduce one of our games to them: we are simply a bunch of silly people with a horrible name doing great games! 😜

Play HORRIBLE, join the GUILD!