We are pleased to announce that we and Luma Games have reached an agreement for Luma to serve as the exclusive English-language distributor of our products in the U.S. and Canada. Under the new agreement, Luma will distribute all our upcoming games, including Similo and The King’s Dilemma, and take over distribution of backlist games such as Potion Explosion, Dragon Castle, and Railroad Ink as existing stock sells down and new printings are done. Luma will also handle retail and event support for our catalog.

Originally founded in 1995 as Distribution LeValet, Luma Games is a boardgame distributor based in Montreal, Canada. Representing Canada’s French-language market for iello, Kikigagne, FunForge and many other publishers, the company rebranded as Luma Games in 2017 and separated themselves from their retail partner, Le Valet d’Coeur, in 2018. With this solid foundation in place, the Luma Group created Luma Imports in order to move into the US marketplace. Providing publishers and studios with the opportunity to develop and grow their brands throughout North America is what ultimately attracted CEO Jules Vautour to the group.

Here’s what the CEOs of the two companies had to say about the new deal:

We look forward to building a strong and mutually successful partnership with Luma Games.

Lorenzo Silva, CEO of Horrible Games

I’ve had a strong relationship with Horrible Games for many years. They are making excellent, innovative games, and it is humbling to be entrusted with their brand going forward.

Jules Vautour, CEO of Luma Games