We’re stoked to announce a new free update for Railroad Ink Challenge™, the digital adaptation of our critically acclaimed roll and write game. Introducing… Daily Challenges!
Enjoy a new level to compete on each day, with special rules and variable setups! Test your skills and get rewards based on your ranking at the end of the day… and the best part is that it is available now on the App StoreGoogle Play, and Steam!

The Daily Challenges update introduces:

  • Over 20 new kinds of route creating custom dice configurations, with unique configurations of rails /roads
  • Pre-placed tiles and locked tiles (mountains)
  • 9 new Objectives
  • Custom placement of Exits around the board
  • Custom placement and quantity of special buildings
  • Custom number of rounds

Jump aboard the train and join your first Daily Challenge on your favorite device
with the new Railroad Ink Challenge free update!

Until next time!