pex-headerFrom your table to your pocket!

Potion Explosion™ goes digital! The award-winning board game by Horrible Games is now available as a digital application for iOS and Android!

Originally developed by Lorenzo Silva, Andrea Crespi and Stefano Castelli and illustrated by Giulia Ghigini, the game has been transformed into a digital application by Studio Clangore and it is distributed by Asmodee Digital.

PEX_awardsEvery aspect of the original board game you all know and love has been faithfully recreated and optimized for the new digital format! The Dispenser, the Potions, the Little Help and the Skill tokens… all of it.

On top of that, we added fancy animated graphics, a catchy soundtrack and hilarious sound effects. The game also includes a tweaked version of the rulebook and a new interactive tutorial that will guide you during your first game, but if you already know how to play, you can also skip all this and start playing in no time.

You can play against A.I. opponents and human friends all on your device, thanks to the pass-and-play functionality. You can also play against other players on the internet with the online multiplayer mode!

The Potion Explosion™ app is available RIGHT NOW!
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