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Railroad Ink Challenge Expansions - Electricity Pack

The Electricity Expansion Pack includes 2 unique expansions:
the Street Lamp Expansion and the Power Grid Expansion.

Street Lamp Expansion (2 dice)

Rounds: 6

The two dice of the Street Lamp Expansion come with several faces showing a combination of Street Lamps and Routes (which need to be connected to pre-existing routes when you draw them) and a face with a “battery” symbol, representing a Generator. The Generator is a special face: you don’t draw it by itself, you can only add it to one of the faces from the basic (white) route dice that you are drawing in the current round (NOT on routes drawn in previous rounds).

Railroad Ink Challenge - Electricity Expansion Pack - Street Lamp

In the example above, you can see the four routes from the basic (white) dice being drawn this round marked in yellow, a route with a Street Lamp from the first Street Lamp die from this round marked in blue, and finally, a Generator being added to the straight highway thanks to the second Street Lamp die. The placement of the Generator is very important: at the end of the game, you will score 1 bonus point for each individual Street Lamp drawn on your board that is orthogonally adjacent to at least 1 Generator. The two spaces marked by a green square are “powered” by the Generator and the 3 Street Lamps they contain will be worth 3 points at the end of the game (1 point each). The square marked with a red square is not powered yet, so the 2 Street Lamps it contains are currently worth 0 points.

There is one final rule: during your turn, you can sacrifice 1 Special Route (and cross it off from your board) to draw a Generator in a space of your choice (among those in which you are drawing one of the basic routes for the current round); this DOES count towards your “1 Special Route per round” and “up to 3 Special Routes during the game” limits.

Power Grid Expansion (2 dice)

Rounds: 7

In the Power Grid Expansion, your goal is to connect your Exits to a central Accumulator (drawn in the very central space of your board during the setup of the game) through “Power Lines”. The two dice of the Power Grid Expansion come with several faces depicting in which direction(s) you can build Power Lines this round (either up, left, down, or right). You need to start from either an Exit or an existing Power Line space, and you can build 1 new Power Line in as many spaces you want in that direction, as long as they are not empty. Your ability to draw a new series of adjacent Power Lines is interrupted by an empty space, a pre-existing Power Line space, and/or the Accumulator.

If you start building new Power Lines from a space that is adjacent to the Accumulator, and the die points in the direction of the Accumulator from that space, instead of drawing Power Lines you can add a charge to the Accumulator by drawing a dot inside it (up to 3 charges during the game).

There is also a special face on each Power Grid die that allows you to build 1 single Power Line in any space of your choice, OR to add 1 charge to the Accumulator. At the end of the game, each city connected to the Accumulator through Power Lines will be worth points equal to the number of Charges in the Accumulator (2 cities connected to an Accumulator with 2 charges, like in the example above, will be worth 2 points each, for a total of 2 x 2 = 4 points).