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Railroad Ink Challenge Expansions Explained

Discover all the Expansions available for the brand new
Railroad Ink Challenge!


Railroad Ink Challenge - Lush Green Expansion Dice

The Lush Green Edition contains 2 unique expansions:

  • Forest (2 dice)
  • Trail (2 dice)

Roll the special Forest dice to create placid forest landscapes, or use the Trail dice to weave scenic mountain paths and build a beautiful arboreal paradise!

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Railroad Ink Challenge - Shining Yellow Expansion Dice

The Shining Yellow Edition contains 2 unique expansions:

  • Desert (2 dice)
  • Canyon (2 dice)

Roll the special Cactus dice and use oases to protect your cacti from the arid desert climate, or build the longest canyon possible with the Canyon dice, but be careful not to sink the ground!

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Railroad Ink Challenge Expansions - Engineer Pack

The Engineer Expansion Pack contains 4 single-die unique expansions:

  • Construction (1 die)
  • Renovation (1 die)
  • Separation (1 die)
  • Special (1 die)

Use the special dice of the Engineer Expansion in addition to or in place of your regular Route dice to change the core foundations of the game. Increase the challenge of your games with the tricky Separation Expansion and its never-connecting routes! Build Special Routes in a whole new way with the Special Expansion! Modify pre-existing routes and add more connections to them with the Renovation Expansion! Perform special actions and restructure your networks with the Construction Expansion!

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Railroad Ink Challenge Expansions - Future Pack

The Future Expansion Pack contains 3 unique expansions:

  • Super Connection (1 die)
  • City Builder (2 dice)
  • Alien Farmer (1 die)

Use “wild” routes to create huge networks with the Super-Connection Expansion! Gather resources and construct buildings to score extra points with the City Builder Expansion! Use UFOs to collect as many sheep as possible with the Alien Farmer Expansion!

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Railroad Ink Challenge Expansions - Sky Pack

The Sky Expansion Pack contains 2 unique expansions:

  • Weather (2 dice)
  • Air Routes (2 dice)

Control clouds, rain, and snow and prevent weather fronts from colliding to score bonus points with the Weather Expansion, or use air routes and airports to extend your networks to the sky with the Air Routes Expansion!

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Railroad Ink Challenge Expansions - Electricity Pack

The Electricity Expansion Pack contains 2 unique expansions:

  • Street Lamp (2 dice)
  • Power Grid (2 dice)

Build Street Lamps and power them with Generators to light your board and score a lot of points with the Street Lamp Expansion, or connect your Exits to the central Accumulator and charge it with electricity with the Power Grid Expansion!

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