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Railroad Ink Challenge Expansions - Futuristic Pack

The Future Expansion Pack includes 3 unique expansions:
the Super-Connection, the City Builder and the Alien Farmer Expansion.

Super-Connection Expansion (1 die)


Rounds: 6

The Super-Connection Expansion is used in addition to the basic route dice. Super-Connections are represented by those wavy lines ending with a small triangle on the edges of the dice. They act as a sort of “wild card”: any route can directly connect to a Super-Connection, and it may even count towards both your Longest Highway and your Longest Railway!

Railroad Ink Challenge - Future Expansion Pack - Super Connection

In the example above, all of those 4 Exits are connected to each other with the same network, and at the end of the game, if we assume these were your longest paths, you would have a Longest Railway worth 6 points and a Longest Highway worth 9 points… and note that two of their spaces are shared between the two longest paths thanks to the power of the Super-Connections!

City Builder Expansion (2 dice)


Rounds: 7

The two City Builder dice are different: one shows you a way to collect money at the end of the round, while the other shows you how many buildings you will be able to build this round. While playing with the City Builder expansion, the round will be split in 3 phases:

  1. Network phase, when you draw routes from the basic dice like in a regular game
  2. Income phase, when you collect resources following the condition for the current round as shown on the first City Builder die
  3. Building phase, when you spend these resources to build what is shown on the second City Builder die (you can perform this step more than once)

There are different ways to collect resources each round, like building your new routes for the round adjacent to each other, filling spaces in the Central Area of your board, having a network with a lot of Exits already connected, and so on. Since you collect resources after drawing the routes from the current round, you can plan where you want to build your new routes accordingly, to maximise the resources you collect. You keep track of how many resources you have in the top part of your board.

During the Building phase, you can spend resources to construct the building(s) shown on the other City Builder die in an empty space on your board. Buildings have different costs and are worth a different amount of points (cheaper buildings are worth less points), and if you have enough resources, you can construct the building available for the current round more than once.

Also note that routes with open ends that enter into a space containing a Building do not count as an Error at the end of the game… this means that cheaper buildings, even if they are not worth a lot of points at the end of the game, can be built multiple times during a single round thanks to their cheap cost, and they can be used to remove Errors from your board before the end of the game!

Alien Farmer Expansion (1 die)


Rounds: 6

The Alien Farmer die comes with several faces showing a combination of Sheep and Routes, and faces showing a UFO. You can build UFOs where you want on your board, but you need to connect faces that show sheep + routes to pre-existing routes.

At the end of the game, each of the UFOs on your board will be worth 2 points for each Sheep that is on its same row and/or column (a single Sheep can count towards the points of more than one UFO).

In the example above, both UFOs are worth 6 points; the sheep in between them are worth points for both.