All aboard! We’re delighted to announce that Railroad Ink Challenge™, the digital adaptation of our critically acclaimed roll and write game, is now available on the App StoreGoogle Play, and Steam!
The game has been converted to the digital format by the same development team behind the critically acclaimed digital versions of Potion Explosion™Dragon Castle™, and Similo™.
Forest, Desert and more expansions based on the physical board game are planned and will be coming as DLC in the months following release!
Play solo to improve your best score, or create online challenges to compete with players from all over the world! But that’s not all! In the digital version of Railroad Ink Challenge you will find:
  • The wonderful art of the roll and write game by Marta Tranquilli, fleshed out and digitally enhanced
  • Network planning gameplay, try to make the best use of the available routes each round to create the perfect transportation network
  • Try to conquer the top of the online leaderboards (Daily, Monthly, and All-Time)!
  • Cross-platform, asynchronous multiplayer challenges with your friends!
What are you waiting for? Jump aboard the train and start rolling dice and building routes on your favorite device with Railroad Ink Challenge!
Until next time!

the Horrible team