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Railroad Ink Challenge - Shining Yellow Expansions

The Shining Yellow Edition includes 2 unique expansions,
the Desert Expansion and the Canyon Expansion.

Desert Expansion (2 dice)

Rounds: 6

The Desert dice contain faces with routes (straights and curves for both highways and railways) with cacti OR oases, faces with cacti only, and faces with an “Arid climate” symbol. You can draw faces with only cacti anywhere on your board, but if the face also shows a route, you need to follow the regular building rules (i.e., you must connect these routes to pre-existing ones).
The “Arid” symbol is not to be drawn: it only triggers an (admittedly rather nasty) effect. When it shows up, all of the cacti on your board that are not orthogonally adjacent to a space with an oasis will die because of the harsh desert climate (so you want to be strategic when placing your cacti and oases)! However, if you still have Special Routes available and you didn’t already use one in the current round, you can “sacrifice” one of your special routes (actually crossing it off from the score lid of your board) to cancel the effect of the Arid symbol.

Railroad Ink Challenge - Lush Green Expansions - Desert

In the example above, only the cacti in the spaces marked in green would survive an Arid symbol.

At the end of the game, you’ll score 1 point for each individual surviving cactus (if a space contains more than 1 cactus, it will be worth more points). Note that after the end of the final round you will have to roll the 2 Desert dice one final time, and resolve the effect if at least 1 Arid face shows up; this can still be canceled by sacrificing a Special Route face, if you spared one for this purpose.

Canyon Expansion (2 dice)

Rounds: 6

There are many ways to make points with the Canyon Expansion. One is somewhat similar to the regular Longest Highway/Railway bonus points you can obtain during each game: canyone “traits” are drawn on the border between two spaces, not inside a space, and you want to have a very long canyon to obtain a lot of points. But it also works a bit differently: with the canyon, you don’t count how many spaces it goes through (like e.g. the Longest Highway), but how many edges of spaces it is long! For example, the two faces at the top of the dice you can see in the image above all have 3 sides with a trait of canyon: if connected to your overall “longest canyon”, each of those faces would add 3 points to the value of your canyon, not just 1!

The other way to make points is to completely surround an area with canyon traits: at that point the whole area will sink down, creating a big “hole” in your board which is worth more points the bigger it is (as a touristic attraction)! As usual, though, there’s a catch: anything you may have previously built inside the now sunken area is lost and erased from the board; additionally, if you have any open routes that lead directly into the hole you created, it not only counts as an Error, but you will lose 1 additional point for each of these Errors!