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Railroad Ink Challenge Expansions - Sky Pack

The Sky Expansion Pack includes 2 unique expansions:
the Weather Expansion and the Air Routes Expansion.

Weather Expansion (2 dice)

Rounds: 7

The dice of the Weather Expansion can show 3 different weather conditions: Cloudy (white clouds), Rain (black clouds), and Snow (snowflakes/asterisks). You must draw the corresponding symbols from both dice in a corner of 2 different spaces among those where you are drawing routes in the current round (thus assigning a weather condition to 2 of the spaces you are adding to your board this round).

Railroad Ink Challenge - Sky Expansion Pack - Weather

At the end of the game, for each weather condition, you will make 1 point for each space in the biggest area of orthogonally adjacent spaces with that weather condition, as long as none of its spaces is adjacent to spaces with a different weather condition (not even diagonally). Look at the example below!

Railroad Ink Challenge - Sky Expansion Pack - Weather

The green areas marked with A and B are both completely isolated from any different weather condition, and so they are worth 2 points (A) and 1 point (B) respectively. The two red areas marked with C, instead, are adjacent to each other (even if only diagonally), so they cancel each other.

Airport Expansion (2 dice)

Rounds: 7

The two dice of the Airport Expansion come with several faces showing a combination of regular Highway/Railway Routes and/or new Air Routes, or with Airports. Air Routes basically add a third kind of Route that you can use to expand your networks; they can only connect to other Air Routes, not to Railways or Highways. Airports, instead, can be drawn in any empty space, and they automatically connect to any route in adjacent spaces with an open end pointing towards its space; they act as a sort of “super station” that can connect your Highway, Railway and Air Route networks together.

Airports will automatically connect to any kind of route leading into them.

Airports and air routes will help you to make bigger networks, and you will also gain points for your Longest Air Route (which follows the same rules for the other “Longest” routes), but beware! Each Airport that is not connected to any Air Route will be worth -4 points, and each Air Route with an open end will cost you 2 Errors instead just 1!

Beware of the negative points of the Airport Expansion!