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Railroad Ink Challenge Expansions - Sky Pack

The Sky Expansion Pack includes 2 unique expansions:
the Weather Expansion and the Airline Expansion.


Weather Expansion (2 dice)

Difficulty: Easy
Rounds: 7

Railroad Ink - Sky Expansion: Weather diceWith the new meteorological control system you are able to control the skies over your county. Try to avoid putting different types of clouds next to each other to avoid an unstable weather. Every round you will have to assign the two Weather dice results to two of the normal Routes you draw. At the end of the game, you will get 1 point for each space in your biggest area of orthogonally adjacent Cloud spaces. You will do the same with the biggest Storm and Snow areas. If two areas of different types are orthogonally and/or diagonally adjacent to each other, they do not count for scoring.

Railroad Ink - Sky Expansion: Weather example

Airline Expansion (2 dice)

Difficulty: Medium
Rounds: 7

Railroad Ink - Sky Expansion: Airport diceAirline Ink is starting its business in your county. Build Airports to connect your Exits through air travel and create a new Airway Network. Airports will connect automatically to any type of Route, granting you the interconnection you need. At the end of the game, you get 2 points for each space of your Longest Airway, but you must start counting from an edge of your board or from an Airport, and also stop counting at an edge or Airport. Also, you lose 2 points for each open-ended Airway Route and you lose 4 points for each Airport that is not connected to any Airway Route.

Railroad Ink - Sky Expansion: Airport example