We’re pleased to announce that Similo: Wild Animals has been selected as one of the three finalists in the “Most Beautiful Children’s Game Graphics” of the prestigious Graf Ludo 2021 award! Similo is a cooperative deduction game where your goal is to make the other players guess one secret card by playing other cards from your hand as clues, stating whether they are similar to or different from the secret card.

Similo is designed by Hjalmar HachPierluca Zizzi, and Martino Chiacchiera, and illustrated by the Xavier “Naïade” Durin, whose wonderful illustrations made this nomination possible. Similo: Wild Animals is one of the latest decks in the Similo series, with the new Similo: Spookies deck also coming soon, further expanding the Similo series with a whole new theme. A preview release of the English version of Similo: Spookies will arrive this October in the occasion of the SPIEL ’21 fair in Essen, Germany.

The award ceremony for the Graf Ludo 2021 game graphics prize will take place on 1 October 2021 at 10:00 AM at the modell-hobby-spiel exhibition in Leipzig. The Graf Ludo award has been presented since 2009, and is intended to promote a “quality-oriented approach to the cultural asset of games”. The Graf Ludo game graphics award is presented for new games of the two current years. The winners are selected by the expert jury.